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How to install ngrok

1 minute read

contentTitle 编译自己的Ngrok STEP1 build complie STEP2 install go language STEP3 Ngrok relies on mercurial(version control) ...

Celery Best Practices

1 minute read

Celery Best Practices Celery 在实际应用中的最佳实践 代理和后端使用 日志 不要存储执行结果你不要他 超时和Broker设置 TODO 任务队列的划分 尽量保持任务简单 使用...

How to get HG221GS Password

less than 1 minute read

Password 设备 STEP1 地址栏打开路由器地址 STEP2 找到存储密码的地方 STEP3 解密 STEP4 获得超级账户 设备 硬件: HG221S 软件版本: E60D1.00M1000 说明: 该方法只做技术交流 STEP1 地址栏打开路由...

Arduino Install

less than 1 minute read

Arduino 安装 在Windows系统上入门Arduino/ Genuino Step 1: 获得Arduino/Genuino开发板和USB连接线并连接电脑 Step 2: 下载Arduino软件(IDE) Step 3: 安装驱动程序 ...


Django Debug toolbar Install

1 minute read

contentTitle Prerequisites URLconf Middleware Warning Configuration # Installation pip install django-debug-tool...

Python Mongodb Error

less than 1 minute read

ERROR mongodb cursor id not valid error stackoverflow 解决方案 1、设置no_cursor_timeout = True,永不超时,游标连接不会主动关闭,需要手动关闭 demos = db['demo'].find({}...


MyBatis One to One Mapping

2 minute read

MyBatis Mapping Data model Jave Beans *-has-One Result Mapping: One-To-Many Results Mapping: JUnit Test Data model Following sample ...

Centos Install NFS Server

1 minute read

Network File System How to setup NFS Server on CentOS 7 Installing NFS Server Creating NFS Share: Configuring Firewall: Configuring NFS cli...

Sublime3 snippet for Markdown

less than 1 minute read

Create new Snippet file Tools > Developer > New Snippet… <snippet> <content> <![CDATA[ <figure class=...

Ubuntu install MySQL

1 minute read

MySQL Prerequisites Step2- Configuring MySQL Step3- Connection MySQL Install MYSQL UI Trouble Prerequisites To follow this tutorial,...

CentOS Install MongoDB

3 minute read

MongoDB Install STEP 1: Configure the package management system(yum). STEP 2: Install the MongoDB packages and associated tools. STEP 3: Run Mo...

CentOS Install Graphite

2 minute read

Graphite Graphite architecture Install Graphite Download and install Graphite Configure Graphite Start Graphite Access Graphite-WebApp ...

Install Django Scrapy redis graphite

1 minute read

My Table of Contents Option Install Pip with Yum Option Install Pip with Curl and Python Step 3 Verify The Installation Option Install Scrapy...

Markdown syntax cn

7 minute read

Markdown 文件 From tw NOTE: This is Traditional Chinese Edition Document of Markdown Syntax. If you are seeking for English Edition Document. Please ref...

CentOS install ssh

less than 1 minute read

CentOS install ssh # Check shh . ssh -v modify config . vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Port=22 Protocol 2 restart shh service sshd restart # connection to ...

CentOS Install redis

1 minute read

Install Redis Installation Start Redis Stop Redis services Clear cache Start redis Config redis.conf Create start config ...

CentOS install desktop

less than 1 minute read

CENTOS 7 install KDE yum groupinstall “KDE Plasma Workspaces” View DeskTop startx

Welcome to Vincent Jekyll!

less than 1 minute read

You’ll find this post in your _posts directory. Go ahead and edit it and re-build the site to see your changes. You can rebuild the site in many different wa...

CentOs 6 install Jekyll

less than 1 minute read

contentTitle CentOs 6 install Jekyll 1.Option install rvm 2.Modify RVM Ruby resource 2.Install rubygems 3.Install nodejs 4.Install jekyll...