Install Django Scrapy redis graphite

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Option Install Pip with Yum

As a matter of best practice we’ll update our packages: yum -y update

Then let’s install python-pip and any required packages: yum -y install python-pip

Option Install Pip with Curl and Python

We can also use curl and python to download and install Pip. curl “” -o “” python

Step 3 Verify The Installation

View a list of helpful commands: pip –help

Check the version of Pip that is installed: pip -V

Which should yield something similar to: pip 1.3.1 form /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages(python 2.7)

Option Install Scrapy

- STEP1 #yum remove audit
- STEP2 #yum install -y python-devel openssl-devel libxslt-devel libxml2-devel
- STEP3 #yum install python-pip -y
        #pip install  setuptools
        #pip install setuptoos --upgrade

pip install Scrapy==1.0.5
- verify The Installion
scrapy version # Option Install Django
- pip install django = 1.6.1

Option Install redis

- pip install redis

Option Install supervisor

-How to automatically start supervisord on Ubuntu
Actually, I found one that works here To install it:

sudo curl > /etc/init.d/supervisord
to run it

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/supervisord
and to automatically schedule it, do

sudo update-rc.d supervisord defaults
Make ensure correct pid in /etc/supervisord.conf which is mapped in /etc/init.d/supervisord

example: pidfile=/var/run/
Stop and Start work properly

service supervisord stop
service supervisord start

Option Install graphite

yum -y update
yum install -y httpd net-snmp perl pycairo mod_wsgi python-devel git gcc-c+
//pip install 'django<1.6'
pip install 'Twisted<12'
pip install django-tagging
pip install whisper
pip install graphite-web
pip install carbon # Ques nginx
- When Open admin url 403 nginx error
    chmod -R 777 /path/to/static
    modify nginx.conf user root
- When Open admin url 404 error
    modify you conf file  

Install Django-celery

install django-celery

  • $ sudo install django-celery
  • $ And APP djcelery to INSTALL APPS
  • $ python syncdb # install supervisor
  • $ sudo apt-get install supervisor
  • CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULER = ‘djcelery.schedulers.DatabaseScheduler’
  • create config sudo su - root -c “echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf”
  • 使用默认的配置文件 /etc/supervisord.conf

    # 明确指定配置文件
    supervisord -c /etc/supervisord.conf
    # 使用 user 用户启动 supervisord
    supervisord -u user
  • python celery beat
  • python celery worker -l info


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